FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you a professional photographer or just a hobby photographer?

     I earn a living as a photographer.  I am DBA Michael Barker Photography filed with the State of Texas since 2012.  I collect and pay State Taxes, and Federal Taxes.  I have Commercial Liability insurance.  I conduct my business as professionally as possible.  Photography did start out as a hobby in High School working for my yearbook staff and continued until going pro.   I love what I do. 


Do you have a Studio?

     I'm an on-location photographer.  I work out of a small office in my home for editing, and administrative work.  I'll meet clients at any coffee shop near where they are located.  I'd love to have a studio one day!


How many images can I expect to receive from my event?

     It all depends on your event...a wedding that spans 12 hours can have at least 300-400 images.  Portrait sessions- 10-30.  Corporate events-50-200.  It all depends on the complexity of the event.  The more things that are happening, the more images you will receive.


How do I receive my images?

     If you order an album, you'll receive a proof folio to select which images you want in the album.  Once I create an album layout, we'll go over it and then order the album.   If you've decided to receive digital images, you will get them on a USB flash drive in a custom packaged box.  I don't do CD's or DVD's as they are more easily damaged.

    If you've decided to receive prints only, then you'll receive a proof folio from which to select the prints you want and the sizes, textures, and any special needs.  Once ordered, they'll arrive custom packaged for you. 


My wedding is for 7 hours total, how much photography coverage do I need?

     I don't charge by the hour.  My wedding packages are for the full day.  You tell me when you want me to show up and when you want me to leave.  I don't book anything else on your day.  I want to make sure all the details of your day are captured.


Do I need to feed you at my wedding?

     It would be nice to feed the photographer and/or assistant if the event is 6 hours or more.  This will add 1 or 2 to your catering requirements.  We won't drink alcoholic beverages.  We usually eat very lightly and quickly.  Eating time is a great break since no one likes to be photographed with a bunch of food in their mouth!  


Do you shoot digital or analog?

     I shoot strictly digital.  I shot film for years before deciding digital had reached a high level of quality.


Do you have insurance?

     I have a full $2 Million commercial liability policy and can provide a Certificate of Insurance to the venue if necessary.


Do you use quality equipment?

     I use professional grade equipment, such as Pro-level Nikon Cameras and lenses, as well as Enterprise grade backup systems for your image archives.  i always have backup equipment and spare everything at your event.


Do you like coffee?

     I absolutely love coffee.  And dark chocolate.  Currently, we'll meet at the closest coffee shop to your location for our consultations.


What other questions do you have for me?  Drop me a line and ask!!!